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Word Typeverb
Word Definitioninspire with awe.
Hindi Meaning of Aweश्रद्धापूर्ण, भय, आदर, डर, त्रास
Synonyms of AweReverence, Veneration, Admiration
Antonyms of AweCalmness, Familiarity, Expectation

Use of "Awe" word in sentences, examples

  • Many of us are in awe of her and respect, admire and are inspired by her.
  • I'm in awe. 
  • I was in awe of David Bowie so I was so nervous.
  • Markelle Fultz likely a star that leaves Husky basketball fans in awe
  • College football media in awe with Alabama's Jalen Hurts

Similar words of "Awe"

Dazzleचकाचौंध, चकित होना, चौंधिया जाना, स्तब्ध रह जाना, भौंचक्का करना
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