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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona strong dislike
Hindi Meaning of Aversionघृणा, वैर, विरोध, प्रतिकूलता, अनिच्छा, चिढ़
Synonyms of AversionAbhorrence, Detestation, Abomination
Antonyms of AversionAttachment, Fondness, Liking

Use of "Aversion" word in sentences, examples

  • Of course, it's not just relationships that suffer from risk aversion.
  • To do this they first of all surveyed hundreds of subjects to see what foods people reported feeling an aversion toward. 
  • The Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc opened the week higher on risk aversion. 
  • The single currency staged a rebound to 1.1038 in Asia on risk aversion before falling to a fresh 10-week low at 1.09985 in European morning.
  • That led to a bit of risk aversion trading with both the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen posting gains. EURUSD was flat.

Similar words of "Aversion"

Alacrityततपरता, फुर्ती, जल्दबाजी, शीघ्रता, दुर्गति, जोश, उत्साह, सरगर्मी
Anathemaअभिशप्त, अभिशाप, अभियोग, नापसन्द वास्तु, व्यक्ति, घ्रणित

Aversion FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Aversion is, घृणा, वैर, विरोध, प्रतिकूलता, अनिच्छा, चिढ़.

Similar words for Aversion are Abhorrence, Detestation, Abomination.

The Definition of Aversion is a strong dislike.

Attachment, Fondness, Liking, are antonyms of the Aversion word.

Aversion is a Noun word.

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