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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionextreme greed for wealth or material gain.
Hindi Meaning of Avariceलालच, लोभ, धन लोलुपता, धनाकांक्षा, चाह, उत्सुकता
Synonyms of AvariceCovetousness, Cupidity, Avidity
Antonyms of AvariceGenerosity, Pnilantnropy, Charity

Use of "Avarice" word in sentences, examples

  • The hallmarks of Mrs. Clinton's long career in public life have been avarice and mendacity.
  • The novel is also a poignant social criticism of the bourgeois values of European Jews, who chase after food, drink, honor and avarice.
  • At the heart of the sin of avarice lies an irrepressible itch for more.
  • It has become, in his view, a hubristic outlook that inspires wastefulness, cupidity and avarice. 
  • We have ended up giving our leaders top shelf cheer, amidst the steamy soap-opera of their avarice.

Similar words of "Avarice"

Cupidityलोभ, लालच, धनलोलुपता, तृष्णा, अर्थलिप्सा

Avarice FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Avarice is, लालच, लोभ, धन लोलुपता, धनाकांक्षा, चाह, उत्सुकता.

Similar words for Avarice are Covetousness, Cupidity, Avidity.

The Definition of Avarice is extreme greed for wealth or material gain..

Generosity, Pnilantnropy, Charity, are antonyms of the Avarice word.

Avarice is a Noun word.

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