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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionvery bad
Hindi Meaning of Awfulविस्मयकारी, डरावना, बुरा, प्रभावशाली
Synonyms of AwfulDreadful, Shocking, Horrible
Antonyms of AwfulPleasing, Charming, Beautiful

Use of "Awful" word in sentences, examples

  • Your awful actions against an innocent person will turn around to you.
  • The hotel room smelled awful, so we moved back to our place same day.
  • What an awful performance has been done by the national level singer on the world arena.
  • The awful route from Manali to Leh gets paid just because of magnificent view of nature on this route.
  • We are an awful long way from the main city.

Similar words of "Awful"

Appallingघटिया, डरावना, भयावह, त्रासदी, संत्रास, हतोत्साहित होना, निराश करना
Frightfulबहुत खराब, डरावना, भयानक, न्रशंस, पाशविक, भद्दा, अति-दुष्ट, घोर, घटिया
Magnificentतेजस्वी, प्रतापी, शानदार, कुलीन, भव्य, अत्युत्तम
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