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Word Typeverb
Word Definitionwake from sleep.
Hindi Meaning of Awakeजागरूक, सतर्क रहना सावधान, जगाना
Synonyms of AwakeConscious, Aware, Alert
Antonyms of AwakeAsleep, Unconscious, Lull

Use of "Awake" word in sentences, examples

  • The thieves were very much awake about the family, that’s why they could rob the house so easily.
  • The fear of science exam kept me awake last night.
  • Soldiers are always awake on the borders so that citizens of the country can sleep peacefully.
  • She awoke to get down at the station early in morning.
  • The police awoke only after the accident took place in the city.

Similar words of "Awake"

Awareसचेत, सावधान, अवगत, बोध
Cognizantअवगत, जानकार, संज्ञाता, जानकार, परिचित, सचेत, अभिज्ञ, सावधान, जागरूक
Drowsyनिद्रालु, ऊँघते हुए, जंभाई लेना, उनींदा महसूस करना, उबासी
Slumberousउनींदा, मुर्ख, निर्दालू, नींद से बोझिल, ऊंघता हुआ
Somnolentउनींदा, थकाऊ, निर्दालू, सम्मोहक, निद्राजनक, स्वापक, शांत, मंद
Soporificआसवपाक, निद्राकारी, निद्राजनक, स्वापक, उनींदा, मुर्ख, निर्दालू, ऊंघता हुआ
Wakefulचौकन्ना, सजग, सावधान, चौकस, सतर्क, आयुक्त, तीक्ष्ण दृष्टि, तेज़ नजर रखने वाला

Awake FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Awake is, जागरूक, सतर्क रहना सावधान, जगाना.

Similar words for Awake are Conscious, Aware, Alert.

The Definition of Awake is wake from sleep..

Asleep, Unconscious, Lull, are antonyms of the Awake word.

Awake is a verb word.

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