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Word TypeNoun
Word DefinitionA clown
Hindi Meaning of Buffoonस्वांगी, मसखरा, विदूषक, ठठोला, मजाकिया, भांड
Synonyms of BuffoonDroll, Fool, Jester
Antonyms of BuffoonCharmer, Enthusiast, Exciter

Use of "Buffoon" word in sentences, examples

  • A former ambassador to the United States says Republican candidate Donald Trump is a 'narcissistic buffoon'. 
  • Former ambassador to the US Kim Beazley says Republican candidate Donald Trump is a 'narcissistic buffoon'.
  • Swedish footballer called a referee a 'buffoon' after he was sent off for farting during a match.
  • He is an ignorant buffoon.
  • To place such a buffoon at the head of a powerful country is a big mistake.

Similar words of "Buffoon"

Dunceजड़, मुर्ख, मूढ़मति, मसखरा, बेवकूफ, बुद्धू, स्वांगी, मंद, बुद्धि
Prodigyविलक्षणता, अद्भुत, विकत वास्तु, चमत्कार, पूर्व सुचना, महास्वर्य, विलक्षण, प्रतिभासम्पन्न

Buffoon FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Buffoon is, स्वांगी, मसखरा, विदूषक, ठठोला, मजाकिया, भांड.

Similar words for Buffoon are Droll, Fool, Jester.

The Definition of Buffoon is A clown.

Charmer, Enthusiast, Exciter, are antonyms of the Buffoon word.

Buffoon is a Noun word.

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