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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona person who is slow at learning
Hindi Meaning of Dunceजड़, मुर्ख, मूढ़मति, मसखरा, बेवकूफ, बुद्धू, स्वांगी, मंद, बुद्धि
Synonyms of DunceBlockhead, Dullard, Buffoon
Antonyms of DunceBrilliant, Genius, Charmer

Use of "Dunce" word in sentences, examples

  • CEO places a dunce cap on Y'town school board
  • Once upon a time, the bottom of a dunce's door had about 1/16th of an inch of light shining through. 
  • The latter's inability to distinguish between Scandinavian countries serves Davies's transition from class dunce to teacher's pet.
  • A professional also wouldn't call people dunces in public. 
  • My essay refers to Trump as "a constitutional dunce." 

Dunce FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dunce is, जड़, मुर्ख, मूढ़मति, मसखरा, बेवकूफ, बुद्धू, स्वांगी, मंद, बुद्धि.

Similar words for Dunce are Blockhead, Dullard, Buffoon.

The Definition of Dunce is a person who is slow at learning.

Brilliant, Genius, Charmer, are antonyms of the Dunce word.

Dunce is a Noun word.

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