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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionnot even or regular in pattern or movement
Hindi Meaning of Erraticभुला हुआ, विस्मृत, अनियत, अस्थिर, डांवाडोल, भ्रमणशील, घुमक्कडी, आवारगी
Synonyms of ErraticDevious, Inconsistent, Spotty
Antonyms of ErraticRegular, Steady, Consistent

Use of "Erratic" word in sentences, examples

  • Deputies responded to Rte. 9 after someone was seen driving erratically.
  • Everyone already knows about Banks' long and sordid history of erratic behavior. 
  • "We are aware of footage on social media which appears to show erratic driving in the Frodsham area yesterday evening.
  • Kia Joorabchian is confident Carlos Tevez's recent retirement threat was just the Boca Juniors striker's erratic personality acting out.
  • Neighbors said the victim had a history of erratic behavior.

Similar words of "Erratic"

Consistentविचार, सामान, आचरण, अपरिवर्तनीय
Eccentricउत्केंद्रित, विकेन्द्रक, विचित्र, विपथगामी, सनकी, अव्यवस्थिर, उत्केन्द्र, अजीब
Fickleचंचल, अस्थिर, अधीर, चपल, परिवर्तनीय, ततपरता, आवेश, उत्साह, सरगर्मी
Ticklishअस्थिर, चंचल, जटिल, पेचीदा, नाजुक, संवेदनशील, सूक्ष्म, अतिप्रवीण, नाजुक
Volatileवाष्पशील पदार्थ, चंचल, चालक, फुर्तीला, विस्फोटक, आनन्दी, अस्थिर, बहने वाला

Erratic FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Erratic is, भुला हुआ, विस्मृत, अनियत, अस्थिर, डांवाडोल, भ्रमणशील, घुमक्कडी, आवारगी.

Similar words for Erratic are Devious, Inconsistent, Spotty.

The Definition of Erratic is not even or regular in pattern or movement.

Regular, Steady, Consistent, are antonyms of the Erratic word.

Erratic is a Adjective word.

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