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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioneasily evaporated at normal temperatures.
Hindi Meaning of Volatileवाष्पशील पदार्थ, चंचल, चालक, फुर्तीला, विस्फोटक, आनन्दी, अस्थिर, बहने वाला
Synonyms of VolatileCapricious, Erratic, Changeable
Antonyms of VolatileStable, Steadfast, Firm

Use of "Volatile" word in sentences, examples

  • Jack Bogle thinks the stock market is more volatile than at any other point in his extensive investing career.
  • Tracing the volatile highs and lows of cryptocurrency
  • Volatile US-China trade situation proves tricky for investors
  • We are living in a volatile or maybe even an explosive situation
  • Kingston's recent volatile weather is to be expected this spring

Volatile FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Volatile is, वाष्पशील पदार्थ, चंचल, चालक, फुर्तीला, विस्फोटक, आनन्दी, अस्थिर, बहने वाला.

Similar words for Volatile are Capricious, Erratic, Changeable.

The Definition of Volatile is easily evaporated at normal temperatures..

Stable, Steadfast, Firm, are antonyms of the Volatile word.

Volatile is a Adjective word.

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