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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona mode of behaviour
Hindi Meaning of Idiosyncrasyविशेषता, विशिष्टता, प्रकृति-वैशिष्ट्य, संवेदना-विशिष्ट, स्वभावगत, विलक्षण, विशेष स्वभाव
Synonyms of IdiosyncrasyEccentricity, Peculiarity, Quirk
Antonyms of IdiosyncrasyNormality, Standard, Regularity

Use of "Idiosyncrasy" word in sentences, examples

  • Those who keep a close eye on Murphy's busy schedule might've noticed an idiosyncrasy: has Katrina even started filming yet?
  • Eric Asimov, the Gray Lady's wine critic, said they were “well-made wines with not a lot of idiosyncrasy.
  • The document does contain one other idiosyncrasy.
  • Cauldron is a bubbling little melting pot of idiosyncrasy.
  • Bro': Geek privilege, triumphalism, and idiosyncrasy”.

Idiosyncrasy FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Idiosyncrasy is, विशेषता, विशिष्टता, प्रकृति-वैशिष्ट्य, संवेदना-विशिष्ट, स्वभावगत, विलक्षण, विशेष स्वभाव.

Similar words for Idiosyncrasy are Eccentricity, Peculiarity, Quirk.

The Definition of Idiosyncrasy is a mode of behaviour.

Normality, Standard, Regularity, are antonyms of the Idiosyncrasy word.

Idiosyncrasy is a Noun word.

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