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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionshowing or feeling uncertain
Hindi Meaning of Irresoluteअनिश्चित, ढुल-मुल, संकोची, निलम्ब, लटकता हुआ
Synonyms of IrresoluteHalting, Hesitant, Indecisive
Antonyms of IrresoluteDefinite, Unyielding, Obstinate

Use of "Irresolute" word in sentences, examples

  • Americans irresolute savings emergency funds.
  • The irresolute and volatile foreign policy behavior of the U.S administration.
  • He emanated that sense of peace and irresolute clarity.
  • Lunar Halo is a circular raga with interspersions of acid guitar, occasionally carrying a deathly groan or an irresolute sighing.
  • Because an irresolute and small-minded age applies its own neuroses backward to history.

Similar words of "Irresolute"

Hesitantअनिश्चित, संकोची, अनिर्णायक, निलम्बी, झिझक महसूस करना
Pertinaciousजिद्दी हठी, प्रतिज्ञ, कड़ा, कठोर, अनवरत, स्थायी, अडिग, अविचल
Staunchकट्टर, पक्का, अडिग, निष्ठ, रोकना, स्थिर

Irresolute FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Irresolute is, अनिश्चित, ढुल-मुल, संकोची, निलम्ब, लटकता हुआ.

Similar words for Irresolute are Halting, Hesitant, Indecisive.

The Definition of Irresolute is showing or feeling uncertain.

Definite, Unyielding, Obstinate, are antonyms of the Irresolute word.

Irresolute is a Adjective word.

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