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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiondeceptive; illusory
Hindi Meaning of Illusiveभ्रामक, अवास्तविक, भरमनपूर्ण, कल्पित, मन-स्रष्ट, अव्यवाहरिक
Synonyms of IllusiveChimerical, Deceptive, Fallacious
Antonyms of IllusiveReal, Factual, Definite

Use of "Illusive" word in sentences, examples

  • You could be overloaded. Creativity is illusive and unpredictable but we make it more so by filling our lives with interruptions, Chris Lewis says.
  • “The first year was only about 150 zombies,” said Pamela Markel of The Illusive Skull.
  • Lassner laughed weakly in an illusive disagreement.
  • Mike has the X-factor - he is good under the high ball and is a very illusive runner," said Diamond.
  • But now an Australian YouTuber claims she's caught to illusive stencil master at work in Melbourne.

Illusive FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Illusive is, भ्रामक, अवास्तविक, भरमनपूर्ण, कल्पित, मन-स्रष्ट, अव्यवाहरिक.

Similar words for Illusive are Chimerical, Deceptive, Fallacious.

The Definition of Illusive is deceptive; illusory.

Real, Factual, Definite, are antonyms of the Illusive word.

Illusive is a Adjective word.

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