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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionbased on illusion
Hindi Meaning of Illusoryभ्रामक, अवास्तविक, काल्पनिक, बनावटी, कृत्रिम
Synonyms of IllusoryFallacious, Unreal, Dreamlike
Antonyms of IllusoryReal, Certain, Definite

Use of "Illusory" word in sentences, examples

  • According to researchers, repeated lies have higher truth ratings than new statements in a phenomenon called the illusory truth effect.
  • These are hidden behind an illusory wall on the other side of the gap from where you came out of the staircase.
  • Repetition also is called “illusory truth.
  • Mr. Fastenow may have himself succumbed to the "illusory truth effect.
  • Trump, in turn, used repetition to drive home his claims, invoking the illusory truth effect

Illusory FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Illusory is, भ्रामक, अवास्तविक, काल्पनिक, बनावटी, कृत्रिम.

Similar words for Illusory are Fallacious, Unreal, Dreamlike.

The Definition of Illusory is based on illusion.

Real, Certain, Definite, are antonyms of the Illusory word.

Illusory is a Adjective word.

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