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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionrelating to immune resistance
Hindi Meaning of Immuneउन्मुक्त, प्रतिरक्षित, निरापद, असंक्राम्य, प्रतिरोधी, सुरक्षित, स्पष्ट, अप्रभावित, विमुक्ति
Synonyms of ImmuneImpervious, Insusceptible, Resistant
Antonyms of ImmuneUnguarded, Vulnerable, Susceptible

Use of "Immune" word in sentences, examples

  • Once thought only to attack neurons, immune cells turn out to be vital for central nervous system function.
  • This usually generates aggressive oxygen radicals, which destroy potential pathogens and activate the immune system of the plant.
  • His idea was to use DNA sequencing to scrutinize the genes of T and B cells, which are the building blocks of the immune system.
  • Does going on holiday help boost the immune system?
  • Researchers have discovered that people of European and African descent have very different immune responses to infections

Similar words of "Immune"

Imperviousअभिमानी, आज्ञापक, घमंडी, दम्भी, प्रतिरोधी, निरोधक, अहंकारी

Immune FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Immune is, उन्मुक्त, प्रतिरक्षित, निरापद, असंक्राम्य, प्रतिरोधी, सुरक्षित, स्पष्ट, अप्रभावित, विमुक्ति.

Similar words for Immune are Impervious, Insusceptible, Resistant.

The Definition of Immune is relating to immune resistance.

Unguarded, Vulnerable, Susceptible, are antonyms of the Immune word.

Immune is a Adjective word.

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