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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionacting or done quickly and without thought or care
Hindi Meaning of Impetuousअविवेकी, क्रोधी, जोरदार, तेज़, प्रचंड, प्रवर्तक, प्रोत्साहक, मोजी, आवेगी, प्रेरक
Synonyms of ImpetuousBrash, Toolhardy, Irnbrovident
Antonyms of ImpetuousCautious, Circumspect, Considerate

Use of "Impetuous" word in sentences, examples

  • She is as calm and thoughtful as her father is strident and impetuous.
  • That steady hand is so preferable to Donald Trump's impetuous and undisciplined behavior.
  • I am not a traitor, I am not impetuous, I am not some hyper-malcontent,” the letter read.
  • He is a man of impetuous passion, his hours are unaccounted for.
  • Unfortunately Andy was a little too impetuous and being caught in no mans land sometimes gave away unnecessary goals.

Similar words of "Impetuous"

Brashढीठ, भड़कीला, ध्रष्ट, गुस्ताख़, आशंकित, हैरान, तनावग्रस्त
Headlongअंधाधुंध, बिना सोचे-समझे, बड़ी तेजी से, सिर के बल, जल्दबाजी में अविचारी
Rashउतावला, अतिशीघ्र, अविवेकपूर्ण, जल्दबाज़

Impetuous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Impetuous is, अविवेकी, क्रोधी, जोरदार, तेज़, प्रचंड, प्रवर्तक, प्रोत्साहक, मोजी, आवेगी, प्रेरक.

Similar words for Impetuous are Brash, Toolhardy, Irnbrovident.

The Definition of Impetuous is acting or done quickly and without thought or care.

Cautious, Circumspect, Considerate, are antonyms of the Impetuous word.

Impetuous is a Adjective word.

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