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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionthe quality of being impudent
Hindi Meaning of Impudenceअक्खड़पन, गुस्ताखी, अक्षीणता, ढिठाई, धृष्टता, घमंड, अहम, निर्लज्जता
Synonyms of ImpudenceAudacity, Boldness, Effrontery
Antonyms of ImpudenceShyness, Uncertainty, Modesty

Use of "Impudence" word in sentences, examples

  • These commissioners have the nerve, the gall, the impudence to deny everyday needs by spending all of our taxes on other issues.
  • We love to chase it; we try to chase it down; yet we're fascinated by its eluding, evading impudence.
  • Innocuous statements are impossible when golf's star turn is involved, so the Irishman was roundly lambasted for impudence.
  • I'm trusting that refined Dame Carolyn won't be subjected to any such impudence.
  • It's the sheer impudence to his designated elders and betters

Impudence FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Impudence is, अक्खड़पन, गुस्ताखी, अक्षीणता, ढिठाई, धृष्टता, घमंड, अहम, निर्लज्जता.

Similar words for Impudence are Audacity, Boldness, Effrontery.

The Definition of Impudence is the quality of being impudent.

Shyness, Uncertainty, Modesty, are antonyms of the Impudence word.

Impudence is a Noun word.

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