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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitiondispute the truth
Hindi Meaning of Impugnकाटना, रद्द करना, खंडन करना, संदेह व्यक्त करना, संदेह करना, चोट,हमला करना, आक्रमण करना
Synonyms of ImpugnAssail, Attack, Shred
Antonyms of ImpugnFlatter, Praise, Shield

Use of "Impugn" word in sentences, examples

  • Sources of earnings weakness last quarter don't appear to impugn the structural strengths of the core self-moving business.
  • Defendant intends to use Ms. Malca to improperly impugn Plaintiff's character on issues.
  • While the modern atmosphere is frenzied, trying to impugn your opponent's character is nothing new.
  • Al does not impugn the character, integrity, or motives of others as he campaigns to represent us.
  • Nobody is saying it's wrong to impugn the fairness of an election that was actually stolen.

Similar words of "Impugn"

Extenuateघटना, काम,लघु,अल्प, हल्का, मुलायम, घिमा, न्यूनीकरण करना
Justifyसत्य ठहराना, उचित सिद्ध करना, न्यायसंगत सिद्ध करना, औचित्य सिद्ध करना, क्षमा करना, ब्यौरा देना, बचाव करना

Impugn FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Impugn is, काटना, रद्द करना, खंडन करना, संदेह व्यक्त करना, संदेह करना, चोट,हमला करना, आक्रमण करना.

Similar words for Impugn are Assail, Attack, Shred.

The Definition of Impugn is dispute the truth.

Flatter, Praise, Shield, are antonyms of the Impugn word.

Impugn is a Verb word.

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