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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionnot alive
Hindi Meaning of Inanimateनिर्जीव, बेजान, मृत, प्राह्ण, बेदम, स्वशीन, असाधारण
Synonyms of InanimateDead, Insensate, Defunct
Antonyms of InanimateLiving, Functioning, Operative

Use of "Inanimate" word in sentences, examples

  • I personally do not mess with inanimate objects, so I will simply change the clocks in my house.
  • If you're currently single, falling in love with an inanimate object might seem like the obvious solution.
  • As you visualize what it feels like to be an inanimate chunk of frozen water, the thoughts will cool your soul.
  • What really stands out in these drawings is McGuire's ability to capture the character of inanimate objects, and to give them life.
  • They believe it is merely an inanimate object such as garbage or a rope.

Inanimate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Inanimate is, निर्जीव, बेजान, मृत, प्राह्ण, बेदम, स्वशीन, असाधारण.

Similar words for Inanimate are Dead, Insensate, Defunct.

The Definition of Inanimate is not alive.

Living, Functioning, Operative, are antonyms of the Inanimate word.

Inanimate is a Adjective word.

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