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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionjust begun and so not fully formed
Hindi Meaning of Inchoateअपरिपक्व, अपूर्ण, अविकसित, आरंभिक, पहले शुरुआत का, आकर्तिहीन
Synonyms of InchoateAmorphous, Formless, Shapeless
Antonyms of InchoateDefinite, Distinctive, Shapely

Use of "Inchoate" word in sentences, examples

  • Thenceforth, till James came to the throne of England, the history of Scotland was but a series of inchoate revolutions, intrigues that led to nothing definite and skirmishes in the war of kirk and state.
  • We may, if we please, regard "good offices" as inchoate mediation, and "mediation" as good offices brought to the birth.
  • Tom feels conflicted about the trip, too, and in his relationship with Josh there are shades of an inchoate and inarticulable desire.
  • It morphed an inchoate feeling that Trump was disrespectful to women into a consensus that this person is unfit to lead the country.
  • There's an innate vulnerability, a discomfort, an inchoate shame, attached to having someone else touch and wash so intimate a part of us.

Inchoate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Inchoate is, अपरिपक्व, अपूर्ण, अविकसित, आरंभिक, पहले शुरुआत का, आकर्तिहीन.

Similar words for Inchoate are Amorphous, Formless, Shapeless.

The Definition of Inchoate is just begun and so not fully formed.

Definite, Distinctive, Shapely, are antonyms of the Inchoate word.

Inchoate is a Adjective word.

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