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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionanger
Hindi Meaning of Indignationरोष, नाराजगी, गुस्सा, अप्रसन्नता, कोप, रोगः, तापस, प्रचंडता, पागलपन
Synonyms of IndignationAnger, Ire, Exasperation
Antonyms of IndignationGlee, Comfort, Happiness

Use of "Indignation" word in sentences, examples

  • UK media & elite greet Russian Patriarch with suspicion and indignation.
  • She has not even learned that exhibition on which so many pride themselves, of 'righteous indignation.
  • Everywhere intense indignation was aroused by the cruel tortures and executions.
  • 1920 provoked the indignation not onl y of the manufacturers but of all the middle-class.
  • Well, that's not very friendly," Josh said with a note of indignation in his voice.

Indignation FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Indignation is, रोष, नाराजगी, गुस्सा, अप्रसन्नता, कोप, रोगः, तापस, प्रचंडता, पागलपन.

Similar words for Indignation are Anger, Ire, Exasperation.

The Definition of Indignation is anger.

Glee, Comfort, Happiness, are antonyms of the Indignation word.

Indignation is a Noun word.

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