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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionto do something withour carefull judgement
Hindi Meaning of Indiscriminateअंधाधुंध, अभेदकर, अविवेकी, निर्विशेष, पचमेल, आकस्मिक, अनियमित
Synonyms of IndiscriminateHaphazard, Random, Unplanned
Antonyms of IndiscriminateSystematic, Orderly, Methodical

Use of "Indiscriminate" word in sentences, examples

  • He is friendly to Stephen, but not an indiscriminate partisan.
  • If it helps, death is indiscriminate," he added.
  • Yet even the distribution of toxic matters by the blood is not necessarily followed by general and indiscriminate injury to the nervous elements.
  • The indiscriminate use of Mercator's projection, for maps of the world, is to be deprecated owing to the inordinate exaggeration of areas in high latitudes.
  • You mean sociopathic, indiscriminate killers who can't sleep a night in their own beds without someone trying to kill them.

Similar words of "Indiscriminate"

Fussyअति अलंकृत, हड़बड़ाहट भरा, मं-मेख निकालने वाला
Haphazardदैवयोग, दैवीय, घटना, अव्यवस्थित, आकस्मिक, लापरवाह, संयोग, अकस्मात्
Randomअनियमित, आकस्मिक, यादृच्छिक, निरुद्देश्य

Indiscriminate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Indiscriminate is, अंधाधुंध, अभेदकर, अविवेकी, निर्विशेष, पचमेल, आकस्मिक, अनियमित.

Similar words for Indiscriminate are Haphazard, Random, Unplanned.

The Definition of Indiscriminate is to do something withour carefull judgement.

Systematic, Orderly, Methodical, are antonyms of the Indiscriminate word.

Indiscriminate is a Adjective word.

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