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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionhinder, restrain, or prevent (an action or process).
Hindi Meaning of Inhibitअटकाना, बरजना, रोकना, बाधा डालना, मना करना, अवरोध उत्पन्न करना
Synonyms of InhibitBridle, Constrain, Curb
Antonyms of InhibitApprove, Assist, Aid

Use of "Inhibit" word in sentences, examples

  • You shouldn't allow fear of failure to inhibit you.
  • drugs that are used to inhibit infection.
  • Strict laws are inhibiting economic growth.
  • According to researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia, it might take just two alcoholic drinks to inhibit functioning in your prefrontal cortex
  • I don't go so far as believing they inhibit creativity as some do
  • New animal research published in the journal, Nature, suggests that food can either fuel or inhibit the spread of cancer.
  • The imposition of higher taxes has been shown to inhibit growth, employment, revenue and holiday-taking.
  • Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and six other institutions have managed to inhibit cancer metastases using novel steps.
  • We don't inhibit them from doing their job.
  • High winds continue to inhibit City of Casper snow plow crews and their efforts to clear city streets following the weekend's winter storm.

Similar words of "Inhibit"

Abetअवप्रेरित करना, दुरुत्साहित करना, उकसाना, उभारना

Inhibit FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Inhibit is, अटकाना, बरजना, रोकना, बाधा डालना, मना करना, अवरोध उत्पन्न करना.

Similar words for Inhibit are Bridle, Constrain, Curb.

The Definition of Inhibit is hinder, restrain, or prevent (an action or process)..

Approve, Assist, Aid, are antonyms of the Inhibit word.

Inhibit is a Verb word.

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