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Word TypeAdjective
Word DefinitionNot risk or not dengerous
Hindi Meaning of Innocuousअहानिकर, सीधा, सरल, अनुपघातक, अनापत्तिजनक, निष्कललनक, न्यायसंगत
Synonyms of InnocuousHarmless, Inoffensive, Insipid
Antonyms of InnocuousDestructive, Injurious, Harmful

Use of "Innocuous" word in sentences, examples

  • A chinese new-year message from the American embassy in Beijing looked innocuous.
  • A relatively innocuous first-quarter sequence had a big impact on the rest of the game.
  • As far as I can tell, to seemingly innocuous behaviours that actually count as infidelity.
  • Nearly two weeks after posting an innocuous but completely unenjoyable video to her Facebook wall
  • The texts were “very innocuous,” Lewis said.

Similar words of "Innocuous"

Atrociousअति, दृष्ट, घटिया, घोर, न्रशंस, पाशविक, भद्दा, भयानक
Insipidबेस्वाद, भद्दा, मंदा, नीरस, फीका, बंजा, उबाऊ, घटिया, बचकाना
Jejuneउबाऊ, घटिया, नीरस, बचकाना, बहुत सीधा, फीका, बेमजा बेस्वाद, नीरस
Perniciousघातक, दुख़दायी, विनाशकारी, हानिकारक, प्रछन्न रूप से; विषाक्त, संहारक
Vapidनीरस, फीका, बेजान, बेस्वाद, कोमल, चिकना, नरम, हल्का, बेमजा, भद्दा, मंद

Innocuous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Innocuous is, अहानिकर, सीधा, सरल, अनुपघातक, अनापत्तिजनक, निष्कललनक, न्यायसंगत.

Similar words for Innocuous are Harmless, Inoffensive, Insipid.

The Definition of Innocuous is Not risk or not dengerous.

Destructive, Injurious, Harmful, are antonyms of the Innocuous word.

Innocuous is a Adjective word.

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