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Word TypeAdjective
Word DefinitionDifferentiator or creative
Hindi Meaning of Innovativeमौलिक, उन्नत, उन्नतिशील, नवप्रवर्तनशील, प्रगट, प्रगतिशील, अभिनय, नविन
Synonyms of InnovativeIngenious, Inventive, Original
Antonyms of InnovativeCustomary, Habitual, Traditional

Use of "Innovative" word in sentences, examples

  • One of the most common questions I get asked by senior managers is “How can we find more innovative people?
  • The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is Increasing introduction of innovative engines such as Renault Powerful.
  • Microsot always hire that people who seems like innovative
  • A high corporate tax rate does not help businesses gain foreign investment to grow new innovative business.
  • A company needs to change its culture to become more innovative.

Innovative FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Innovative is, मौलिक, उन्नत, उन्नतिशील, नवप्रवर्तनशील, प्रगट, प्रगतिशील, अभिनय, नविन.

Similar words for Innovative are Ingenious, Inventive, Original.

The Definition of Innovative is Differentiator or creative.

Customary, Habitual, Traditional, are antonyms of the Innovative word.

Innovative is a Adjective word.

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