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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionto brings someone angry or provoking
Hindi Meaning of Instigateउकसाना, उभारना, भड़काना, बहकाना, प्रारम्भ करना, बुराई की और प्रवृत्त करना
Synonyms of InstigateGoad, Propel, Spur
Antonyms of InstigateHalt, Dissuade, Discourage

Use of "Instigate" word in sentences, examples

  • Once or twice a year I have tried to instigate love-making, but it never seems to go well.
  • After receiving information that groups intend to instigate violence.
  • Netanyahu is willing to instigate a regional war in which the peoples of the region will pay a heavy price just for his political survival
  • Any time did he attempt to instigate any personal meeting with her.
  • Paul went on to explain that anything that kills a growing tip on a tree can instigate a thicket of new shoots

Instigate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Instigate is, उकसाना, उभारना, भड़काना, बहकाना, प्रारम्भ करना, बुराई की और प्रवृत्त करना.

Similar words for Instigate are Goad, Propel, Spur.

The Definition of Instigate is to brings someone angry or provoking.

Halt, Dissuade, Discourage, are antonyms of the Instigate word.

Instigate is a Verb word.

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