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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionprohibit or disallow
Hindi Meaning of Interdictनिषेध, रोक-टॉक, मना करना, टोकना, अस्वीकार,वर्जित,नामंजूर करना
Synonyms of InterdictDebar, Enjoin, Forbid
Antonyms of InterdictPermit, Allow, Authorize

Use of "Interdict" word in sentences, examples

  • Only being able to interdict 25 percent of the drug shipments
  • Tidd said that the development of a strategy for interdictingheroin is still a work in progress.
  • The protest ended and a court interdict preventing further action was implemented. 
  • The Black First Land First Movement could be slapped with an interdict to stop it.
  • Koko filed for an urgent interdict after Eskom's new board gave him an ultimatum to resign within 24 hours or be fired.

Interdict FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Interdict is, निषेध, रोक-टॉक, मना करना, टोकना, अस्वीकार,वर्जित,नामंजूर करना.

Similar words for Interdict are Debar, Enjoin, Forbid.

The Definition of Interdict is prohibit or disallow.

Permit, Allow, Authorize, are antonyms of the Interdict word.

Interdict is a Verb word.

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