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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionto overwhelm someone
Hindi Meaning of Inundateबहना, बाद, आना,जाना, अतिवृष्टि, जल-प्रलय, प्लावन
Synonyms of InundateDeluge, Engulf, Overwhelm
Antonyms of InundateUnderwhelm, Pass Up, Float

Use of "Inundate" word in sentences, examples

  • Elizabeth Hurley inundated with MARRIAGE proposals
  • You don't want to inundate a neighborhood
  • Heavy downpour started late in the night inundated low-lying areas and caused traffic jams on roads.
  • Children are just a fraction of the thousands of flu patients inundating hospitals nationwide.
  • Flooding from Hurricane Harvey Floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey inundate Port Arthur

Inundate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Inundate is, बहना, बाद, आना,जाना, अतिवृष्टि, जल-प्रलय, प्लावन.

Similar words for Inundate are Deluge, Engulf, Overwhelm.

The Definition of Inundate is to overwhelm someone.

Underwhelm, Pass Up, Float, are antonyms of the Inundate word.

Inundate is a Verb word.

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