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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionpersuade someone
Hindi Meaning of Inveigleखुशामद, चापलूसी, जो-हुजूरी करना, फुसलाना, मनाना, बहलाना, वाक्पटुता
Synonyms of InveigleAllure, Beguile, Entice
Antonyms of InveigleDisenchant, Disgust, Turn Oft

Use of "Inveigle" word in sentences, examples

  • Smith Vanderbilt inveigle her way into Mrs. Astor's old-monied New York society
  • App developers have confessed that they are made to develop apps that inveigle users.
  • Studios are steadily running out of tactics to inveigle us into theatres.
  • who were constantly inveigle us.
  • My father would be able to inveigle some other landlord into letting him a house.

Similar words of "Inveigle"

Seduceआकर्षित करना, फुसलाना, बहकाना, बिगड़ना, शील भंग करना, लुभाना, धोखा देना

Inveigle FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Inveigle is, खुशामद, चापलूसी, जो-हुजूरी करना, फुसलाना, मनाना, बहलाना, वाक्पटुता.

Similar words for Inveigle are Allure, Beguile, Entice.

The Definition of Inveigle is persuade someone.

Disenchant, Disgust, Turn Oft, are antonyms of the Inveigle word.

Inveigle is a Verb word.

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