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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionan arch constructed in upside-down
Hindi Meaning of Invertउलटना, पलटना, आँधा करना, विपरीत भूमिका करना, खण्डन करना
Synonyms of InvertReverse, Transpose, Turn
Antonyms of InvertAdvance, Forward, Hold

Use of "Invert" word in sentences, examples

  • Only one sheet of 100 invert stamps is known to have been sold
  • Sugar is by far the main ingredient, especially when you take into account glucose syrup and invert sugar syrup too.
  • He wants to arm oppressed black people around the world with vibranium so that they can invert colonial power.
  • Major classifications indexed are as follows: Pharma Grade Invert Sugar Syrups
  • The armorer can invert the lower to work on a variety of projects while the lower receiver is upside down.

Invert FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Invert is, उलटना, पलटना, आँधा करना, विपरीत भूमिका करना, खण्डन करना.

Similar words for Invert are Reverse, Transpose, Turn.

The Definition of Invert is an arch constructed in upside-down.

Advance, Forward, Hold, are antonyms of the Invert word.

Invert is a Noun word.

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