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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionit's made by hard typically green stone.
Hindi Meaning of Jadeथकान, क्लान्त, घिसा-पिटा, हरिता श्म, तंग करना, थका हुआ
Synonyms of JadeWear, Fatigue, Drain
Antonyms of JadeAmuse, Excite, Exhilarate

Use of "Jade" word in sentences, examples

  • He was bought by Jade Force.
  • A dragon dance performance is held to celebrate the Jade Emperor's birthday.
  • She used to be a Jade.
  • Do not make them jade because he has to go somewher.
  • Lord Krishna had jade personality.

Jade FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Jade is, थकान, क्लान्त, घिसा-पिटा, हरिता श्म, तंग करना, थका हुआ.

Similar words for Jade are Wear, Fatigue, Drain.

The Definition of Jade is it's made by hard typically green stone..

Amuse, Excite, Exhilarate, are antonyms of the Jade word.

Jade is a Noun word.

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