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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionself confident manner.
Hindi Meaning of Jauntyचटकीला, रंगीला, छेला, बंका, भड़कीला, मस्तमौला, आकर्षक, खुशमिजाज
Synonyms of JauntyBreezy, Buoyant, Debonair
Antonyms of JauntyDepressed, Lethargic, Lifeless

Use of "Jaunty" word in sentences, examples

  • We see this jaunty mother making pancakes.
  • They launch into a jaunty guitar loop reminiscent of the Kinks
  • Let's hope that sends him back to his previous club with a jaunty stride.
  • Her long mohair dresses, split at the back to allow a jaunty walk
  • His jaunty sweetness, like a weapon of mass destruction, neutralises spleen.

Jaunty FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Jaunty is, चटकीला, रंगीला, छेला, बंका, भड़कीला, मस्तमौला, आकर्षक, खुशमिजाज.

Similar words for Jaunty are Breezy, Buoyant, Debonair.

The Definition of Jaunty is self confident manner..

Depressed, Lethargic, Lifeless, are antonyms of the Jaunty word.

Jaunty is a Adjective word.

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