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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionbring bad luck
Hindi Meaning of Jinxमनहूस, आफत, असशब्द, कप, बला, विनाश, विपद, श्राप, शाप, बहिष्कार
Synonyms of JinxCurse, Hex, Hoodoo
Antonyms of JinxBoon, Luck, Blessing

Use of "Jinx" word in sentences, examples

  • They came to introduce us to their friends, Jinx and Cosmo.
  • Arambagh ended their long-standing final jinx by upstaging defending champions.
  • Moss had built a well earned reputation as a Goodison jinx.
  • He has a form of jinx.
  • The jinx greets Arun Jaitley for the second running year since he switched over to the budget

Jinx FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Jinx is, मनहूस, आफत, असशब्द, कप, बला, विनाश, विपद, श्राप, शाप, बहिष्कार.

Similar words for Jinx are Curse, Hex, Hoodoo.

The Definition of Jinx is bring bad luck.

Boon, Luck, Blessing, are antonyms of the Jinx word.

Jinx is a Verb word.

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