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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionplayful
Hindi Meaning of Jocoseमजाकिया, हंसोड़, परिहासक, स्वांग, ठट्टा, दिल्लगी, कौतुकी, हसीकर
Synonyms of JocoseComedic, Facetious, Funny
Antonyms of JocoseFormal, Grave, Serious

Use of "Jocose" word in sentences, examples

  • He is always cordial and jocose, never afraid to incorporate a joke or a pun into one of his lessons.
  • Some were given as jocose gifts
  • More tender than jocose but bright and turning lyrical as though unstoppably perennial.
  • A jocose lie is told in order to make fun, an officious lie for some useful purpose
  • He was naturally garrulous and jocose.

Jocose FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Jocose is, मजाकिया, हंसोड़, परिहासक, स्वांग, ठट्टा, दिल्लगी, कौतुकी, हसीकर.

Similar words for Jocose are Comedic, Facetious, Funny.

The Definition of Jocose is playful.

Formal, Grave, Serious, are antonyms of the Jocose word.

Jocose is a Adjective word.

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