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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionspeak informally
Hindi Meaning of Kibitzसंकेत,आदेश,निर्देश,प्रशिक्षण,शिक्षा,सुचना, देना, बताना, समझना, सिखाना
Synonyms of KibitzInstruct, Opine, Suggest
Antonyms of KibitzDelucle, Pretend, Tricke

Use of "Kibitz" word in sentences, examples

  • Rohit and I used to head down to the coffee shop and just sit for hours and kibitz.
  • Quit kibitzing.
  • They attend concerts together and kibitz like an old married couple.
  • The KGS Go Server is distinguished by a kibitz culture.
  • FFA members on hand to kibitz with the community included President Leah Neu

Kibitz FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Kibitz is, संकेत,आदेश,निर्देश,प्रशिक्षण,शिक्षा,सुचना, देना, बताना, समझना, सिखाना.

Similar words for Kibitz are Instruct, Opine, Suggest.

The Definition of Kibitz is speak informally.

Delucle, Pretend, Tricke, are antonyms of the Kibitz word.

Kibitz is a Verb word.

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