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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona tendency to do something.
Hindi Meaning of Knackयुक्ति, कौशल, हस्तलाघव, चालाकी, खोलना, झुका हुआ, उल्लेख करना, ध्यान दिलाना
Synonyms of KnackTrick, Adeptness, Technique
Antonyms of KnackIneptitude, Lack, Want

Use of "Knack" word in sentences, examples

  • Steve Yzerman has a knack for this trading thing.
  • Meet Hamza Ayari the vendor in Tunis' central market with a knack for photography. 
  • A knack for the hack. 
  • Aitor Karanka must have a knack for inspirational team-talks
  • I love how Hyderabad has a knack for all art forms.

Knack FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Knack is, युक्ति, कौशल, हस्तलाघव, चालाकी, खोलना, झुका हुआ, उल्लेख करना, ध्यान दिलाना.

Similar words for Knack are Trick, Adeptness, Technique.

The Definition of Knack is a tendency to do something..

Ineptitude, Lack, Want, are antonyms of the Knack word.

Knack is a Noun word.

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