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Word Typenoun
Word Definitionan attacking military campaign
Hindi Meaning of Offensiveअप्रिय, आक्रामक, घृणास्पद, अपमानजनक
Synonyms of OffensiveAtrocious, Disgusting, Foul
Antonyms of OffensiveAgreeable, Pleasing, Wonderful

Use of "Offensive" word in sentences, examples

  • Multi-platform offensive to woo fans to embrace SPL.
  • McDaniels back as an offensive assistant for their 2011 playoff run
  • While the Wildcats' defense may be underrated, that's only because the offenseovershadows it.
  • Nova ranks first nationally in offensive efficiency, scoring 1.27 points per possession.
  • Houston Texans to tinker with the explosive offense that flowed through rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson last season.

Similar words of "Offensive"

Charmingआकर्षक, जुदाई, मनोहर, मोहक, मोहिनी, सुखद, सुन्दर, सुहावनी
Flagrantघोर, निंदनीय, प्रसिद्द, बदनाम, संगीन, स्पष्ट, ज्वलंत, अवहेलना, कुख्यात, कुप्रसिद्ध, गम्भीर

Offensive FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Offensive is, अप्रिय, आक्रामक, घृणास्पद, अपमानजनक.

Similar words for Offensive are Atrocious, Disgusting, Foul.

The Definition of Offensive is an attacking military campaign.

Agreeable, Pleasing, Wonderful, are antonyms of the Offensive word.

Offensive is a noun word.

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