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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiongreat power, influence,
Hindi Meaning of Puissanceशक्ति, सामथ्र्य, सबलता, मर्दानगी, पौरुष, ताकत, प्रबलता, प्रभाव, साहस
Synonyms of PuissancePotency, Strength, Power
Antonyms of PuissanceIdleness, Lethargy, Inactivity

Use of "Puissance" word in sentences, examples

  • By overstepping his boundaries, William took his puissance as the company president and changed the century-old by-laws to fit his preferences.
  • The glass bears her image, so she cannot be a witch, however, she saps my puissance.
  • The puissance of the labor vote.
  • We are in fact not asking for a transfer ofpuissance as a lot of people seem to think,' she said.
  • Puissance is the power to influence what other people do or believe.

Puissance FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Puissance is, शक्ति, सामथ्र्य, सबलता, मर्दानगी, पौरुष, ताकत, प्रबलता, प्रभाव, साहस.

Similar words for Puissance are Potency, Strength, Power.

The Definition of Puissance is great power, influence,.

Idleness, Lethargy, Inactivity, are antonyms of the Puissance word.

Puissance is a Noun word.

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