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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionexcessively or unpleasantly self-assertive or ambitious.
Hindi Meaning of Pushyअति, महत्वकांक्षी, दस्तंदाज़, पीतल का
Synonyms of PushyAudacious, Brazen, Cheeky
Antonyms of PushyUnassuming, Modest, Quiet

Use of "Pushy" word in sentences, examples

  • AG wants to pull plug on pushy power alternatives
  • Crude realities and the pushy Saudi crown prince
  • Hong Kong's pushy parents are the problem
  • Meghan Markle's sister drops 'Princess Pushy' from autobiography
  • It was the tabloid newspapers. She is not pushy.

Similar words of "Pushy"

Brazenनिर्लज्ज, बेशर्म, ध्रष्ट, अक्खड़, उजड्ड, दु:साहसी, बदतमीज़

Pushy FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Pushy is, अति, महत्वकांक्षी, दस्तंदाज़, पीतल का.

Similar words for Pushy are Audacious, Brazen, Cheeky.

The Definition of Pushy is excessively or unpleasantly self-assertive or ambitious..

Unassuming, Modest, Quiet, are antonyms of the Pushy word.

Pushy is a Adjective word.

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