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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionrotting and emitting a fetid smell.
Hindi Meaning of Putridबदबूदार, सड़ांध, सदा हुआ, गला हुआ, बेकार, दूषित, खराब, फफूंढ़युक्त
Synonyms of PutridRotten, Rancid, Frowsy
Antonyms of PutridFresh, Sweet, Perfumed

Use of "Putrid" word in sentences, examples

  • I can smell a sell-out more putrid than a bad kipper.
  • Blame Canadiens' inability to score for putrid road record. 
  • Inside the putrid squalor that forced Adelaide authorities to act. Inside the 'sea of garbage' where two young girls lived.
  • Fly-tipper dumped bags of "putrid" maggot-ridden waste on industrial estate.
  • Suffice to say that it depicts a motley crew riding a giant donkey jawbone down a putrid green river

Putrid FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Putrid is, बदबूदार, सड़ांध, सदा हुआ, गला हुआ, बेकार, दूषित, खराब, फफूंढ़युक्त.

Similar words for Putrid are Rotten, Rancid, Frowsy.

The Definition of Putrid is rotting and emitting a fetid smell..

Fresh, Sweet, Perfumed, are antonyms of the Putrid word.

Putrid is a Adjective word.

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