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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionencroach or infringe upon someone's right
Hindi Meaning of Usurpहड़पना, चीन लेना, दबा लेना, की जगह लेना जब्त करना, हासिल करना, दबोचना
Synonyms of UsurpAppropriate, Arrogate, Assume
Antonyms of UsurpRelinquish, Surrender, Give In

Use of "Usurp" word in sentences, examples

  • Steven Spielberg Ready for an 'Indiana Joan' to Usurp Indiana Jones
  • Alleging that the Centre was trying to usurp the powers of the states
  • The latest addition to that list has been the attempts of the BJP leaders to usurpregistered graveyard lands
  • They do it to poach peacocks, and also to try and usurp the land,
  • Masters of the Universe: the United States plans to usurp the moon

Similar words of "Usurp"

Waiveछोड़ना, दावा छोड़ देना, पूर्ववर्ती होना, अस्वीकार करना, परित्याग करना, इन्कार करना, खोना

Usurp FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Usurp is, हड़पना, चीन लेना, दबा लेना, की जगह लेना जब्त करना, हासिल करना, दबोचना.

Similar words for Usurp are Appropriate, Arrogate, Assume.

The Definition of Usurp is encroach or infringe upon someone's right.

Relinquish, Surrender, Give In, are antonyms of the Usurp word.

Usurp is a Verb word.

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