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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiondesigned to be useful or practical rather than attractive.
Hindi Meaning of Utilitarianउपयोगिता, उपयोगी सम्बन्धी, उपकारी, फायदेमंद, लाभदायक, काम का
Synonyms of UtilitarianFunctional, Handy, Practical
Antonyms of UtilitarianImpractical, Useless, Unnecessary

Use of "Utilitarian" word in sentences, examples

  • How did something eponymous with one of the most utilitarian urban spaces in America become synonymous
  • How to get the utilitarian look that's all over the high desert right now
  • From the immediate utilitarian point of view also the education of women is in the highest degree necessary as well as desirable.
  • However, the UK government's recent position paper on FP9 strikes a less utilitariantone
  • Her collections, sporting utilitarian elements and chunky denimns

Utilitarian FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Utilitarian is, उपयोगिता, उपयोगी सम्बन्धी, उपकारी, फायदेमंद, लाभदायक, काम का.

Similar words for Utilitarian are Functional, Handy, Practical.

The Definition of Utilitarian is designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive..

Impractical, Useless, Unnecessary, are antonyms of the Utilitarian word.

Utilitarian is a Adjective word.

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