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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioncomplete; absolute.
Hindi Meaning of Utterनीरा, पूरा, बाहरी, अतिशय, अत्यंत, कहना, चलाना, निकलना, बेचना
Synonyms of UtterPronounce, Convey, Vent
Antonyms of UtterBumble, Keep Mum, Hold

Use of "Utter" word in sentences, examples

  • Museum of Selfies is an utter disappointment
  • Think of a creating a destination you want to go to, and by the way, transit gets you there,” said Marilee Utter.
  • This quote explains the utter madness of US immigration courts
  • The Utter Economic Stupidity of Jenny Durkan's Budget Cuts
  • Utter Nonsense is a great game for people who suck at impressions

Utter FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Utter is, नीरा, पूरा, बाहरी, अतिशय, अत्यंत, कहना, चलाना, निकलना, बेचना.

Similar words for Utter are Pronounce, Convey, Vent.

The Definition of Utter is complete; absolute..

Bumble, Keep Mum, Hold, are antonyms of the Utter word.

Utter is a Adjective word.

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