The year 1765 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1765 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1765 in World ⚡

03 MayAmerica's first medical college was opened in the city of Philadelphia.
01 NovemberThe Stamp Act was enacted in the British colonies.
11 NovemberNasser Napes, a French chemist and father of modern photography, was born. He was the first to succeed in taking photographs.
23 JanuaryThe Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II married the Princess Maria Josefa of Bavaria in Vienna.
22 MarchStamp Act passed: The first direct British tax was imposed on American colonists by Prime Minister George Grenville.
03 MayThe first North American Medical College opened in Philadelphia.
18 AugustJoseph II became the Holy Roman Emperor.
06 SeptemberAt Jean-Jacques Russo's house, a mob in Switzerland strangled.
07 OctoberThe Stamp Act Congress was held in New York.
01 NovemberThe Stamp Act came into force in the British colonies.
12 DecemberThe Gadget of Pennsylvania reports that the recently established postage stamps for the royal colony of North Carolina include Drs. Huston resigned from his post in protest at the Stamp Act.
22 MarchThe Parliament of Great Britain passed the Stamp Act, which required many printed materials in the Thirteen Colonies in British America to carry a tax stamp (pictured).

Important Historical Events of the Year 1765 in India ⚡

12 AugustThe Mughal ruler handed over the Diwali of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa to the East India Company. It is considered an important event in political and constitutional history.

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