Allahabad Fort Quick Facts

PlaceAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh (India)
Build in1583 AD
Build by Mughal Emperor Akbar
ArchitectureAncient Mughal Architectural Style
TypeCultural, Fort

Allahabad Fort Overview

The Allahabad Fort located in the Allahabad district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1583 AD. This Fort is located on the banks of the Yamuna near the confluence of the Ganges River, showing this fort to show historical and Mughal excellent talent. The Kumbh fair is held in India's most famous Prayagraj near the Allahabad Fort.

Allahabad Fort History

Mughal Emperor Akbar built the Allahabad Fort in 1583 AD and named it Allahabas which means "blessing by God" which later named this fort later Allahabad. But Akbar was repeatedly facing failures in the construction of the fort by the things stated by the local people because the foundation of the fort was drowned in the sand every time.

People say that Akbar was informed about this and it was told that the construction of the fort requires a human sacrifice, with which a Brahmin had made his sacrifice at his own will. And in return, Akbar gave Prayagwalas the special right to start a pilgrimage on the Sangam coast. After Akbar, Nawabs had the right to the fort and Shuja-ud-Daula died in this fort, after which Asaf-ud-Daula became the ruler of Nawabs in 1775 AD. After the death of Asaf-ud-Daula in 1787 AD, Shajat Ali Khan I ruled the fort, after which Ali Khan gave the fort to the hands of the British East India Company in 1801 AD.

Allahabad Fort Interesting Facts

  1. Allahabad Fort is the largest fort among all the forts built by Akbar. Which reflects the wonderful style of the ancient Mughal period.
  2. There is an Ashoka pillar inside the main gate of the fort, which is a testament to the importance used in the ancient Buddhist period of Indian history.
  3. This fort was sold by the British in 1775 AD to Shuja-ud-daula, the ruler of Bengal, for only 50 lakh rupees, but in 1798, the British had a treaty with Shajat Ali and the fort again came into the hands of the British.
  4. There are three big galleries in this fort with tall towers. The forts attract the beauty of the fort.
  5. This fort is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India as a monument of national importance. But at present only some parts of it are open for tourists, the remaining part is used by the Indian Army.
  6. In this fort, tourists are allowed to see the Ashoka Pillar, Saraswati Koop, and Jodha Bai Mahal. Apart from this, there is an Akshay Vat famous banyan tree in the fort and a temple famous by the name of Patalpur Mandir.
  7. In the park, there is a huge 10.6-meter Ashoka pillar made of stone, which people say was constructed in 232 BC. This pillar is especially important for archaeologists and historians.

How to reach Allahabad Fort

  • Allahabad Fort Nearest Railway Stations are Prayag Ghat Railway Station and Allahabad City Railway Station in which Kolkata Rajdhani Express, Prayag Raj Express and Duronto Express are prominent.
  • Also Allahabad to National Highway 2 And 27 services are available. Many buses ply from the surrounding area to Allahabad Fort.
  • The nearest airport for tourists coming from abroad is Allahabad Airport New Terminal. Allahabad airport is also known as Bamrauli field.

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