Itmad Ud Daulah Agra Quick Facts

PlaceAgra, Uttar Pradesh (India)
Construction Period‎1622-28
Built inNur Jahan
ArchitectureIslamic Architecture

Itmad Ud Daulah Agra Overview

The city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh is one of the most historical cities in India as many big and beautiful monuments were built here in ancient times. One such beautiful monument is the tomb of Etmaduddaula located in Agra. Due to the grandeur of this mausoleum, it is also called Baby Taj and Jewel Box. Agra is also known as Tajnagari due to the Taj Mahal being included in the world's seven wonders. The Mughal emperors built many forts, buildings, and masters in Agra, which make the city one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country, and thousands of Indians and foreign tourists come here to visit here.

Itmad Ud Daulah Agra History

This Tomb with beautiful carvings like the Taj Mahal was built between 1622-28 during the reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. This tomb is the grave of Mirza Gyasbeg and his wife Asmat Begum. Jahangir, son of Mughal Emperor Akbar, gave his Begum Nur Jahan's father Mirza Gias Beg the title of Etmadud Daula. Mirza Gyasbeg was the father of Begum Noor Jahan of the famous Mughal emperor Jahangir. Mirza Gyasbeg was a resident of Iran and was working in Emperor Akbar's court. Jahangir made him his Bazar after marrying Nur Jahan. A few months after the death of Mirza Gyasbeg's wife, she died in Agra in 1622, and in her memory, daughter Nur Jahan built this tomb.

Itmad Ud Daulah Agra Interesting Facts

  1. This Mausoleum, built on the eastern bank of the Yamuna River, is covered over an area of ​​23 square meters.
  2. This tomb is located on NH-2, just two km from Ram Bagh circle. Located at a distance.
  3. This mausoleum has been built on red stone pillars in the middle of the Persian Garden, popularly known as Char Bagh.
  4. This Mughal tomb is relatively smaller than other tombs, due to which it is sometimes also called Shringardan.
  5. This is the first tomb built in India which was built entirely of white marble. Due to its beauty, this tomb is also known as Jewelry Box.
  6. Beautifully carved paintings of plants, animals, and birds have been done on the walls of the tomb.
  7. Except for the part of Yamuna, there is a wall of red stones on all three sides of the monument, the main gate of the monument is towards the east.
  8. In the middle of the raised stone paths, shallow water drains have divided the garden of the monument into four equal parts. This red stone path connects the main tomb and the surrounding buildings.
  9. The remaining empty part of the tomb consists of beautiful flower beds on the side of the paths and a meadow in the middle, between which the main marble tomb is built on a high platform.
  10. Inside the mausoleum is the main hall, in which the golden-colored fake tombs of Mirza Gyasbeg and his wife Asmat Begum remain.
  11. The main square hall of the monument is decorated with beautiful paintings in colorful and golden colors.
  12. There are four rooms in the four corners of the main hall, in which the graves of Nur Jahan's daughters and their relatives remain. These four rooms are interconnected with each other.
  13. At some places in the tomb, images of men can also be seen, which is a unique thing because Islam forbids the use of humans as decorations.
  14. The carvings of semi-precious stones like jasper and topaz and wine bottles on the walls of the tomb look amazing.
  15. Known as Baby Taj, the carvings of this tomb are so beautiful that they were later adopted while building the Taj Mahal. Many tourists like many carvings here even more than the Taj Mahal.
  16. This tomb has been accorded the status of a model monument by the Union Ministry of Culture.
  17. The ticket fee for Indian tourists to the tomb is only Rs 10 and there is no ticket for children below 15 years. The ticket fee for foreign tourists is Rs 110. Photography is free throughout the monument but a ticket fee of Rs 25 is charged for videography.

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