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Annie Besant Quick General Knowledge

NameAnnie Besant (Annie Besant)
Date of Birth01 October 1847
Birth PlaceClahm, London, UK
Date of death20 September 1933
Monther & Father NameEmily morris / William wood
Achievement1917 - First Woman President of Indian National Congress
Profession / CountryFemale / Politician / England

Annie Besant - First Woman President of Indian National Congress (1917)

Dr. Annie Besant was a noted philanthropist, writer, freedom fighter and spokesperson. She was a woman of Irish descent. Annie Besant, who was deeply attached to India, made India her second home. Annie Besant had on many occasions strongly portrayed the image of the 'Iron Lady' by resisting injustice.

Annie Besant was born on 01 October 1847 in London, Great Britain. His father's name was William Wood, his father was a doctor but along with his medical profession, he had a keen interest in mathematics and philosophy. His mother was a perfect Irish woman.
Annie Besant died on 20 September 1933 (age 85 years) in Adyar, Madras Madras Presidency, British India.
Dr. Besant was only five years old when his father died. After the father's death, his mother took him to Harrow because of his wealth. There she received education under the patronage of Miss Marriott. Miss Marriott took them to France and Germany at an early age and learned the language of those countries.

Annie Besant was married to a clergyman named Frank Besant in 1867, but their marital life could not last long and they separated legally in 1873. After which he was read to face the economic downturn. And then he had to earn money by writing articles related to independent thought. Dr. Besant came in contact with Charles Vredala at this time. Now she became theistic in place of skeptic. With the help of law, her husband succeeded in getting both children. He was deeply pained by this incident. When she came in contact with the famous journalist Willian Stead, she started taking more interest in writing and publishing work. Most of his time was spent in providing facilities to laborers, famine victims and slum dwellers. She was secretary of England's most powerful women's trade union for many years. It was in 1878 that he first expressed his views about India. His writings and ideas aroused affection in the minds of Indians. Now she started thinking day and night about working among Indians. In 1883 she was attracted to socialist ideology.

He created an organization called "Socialist Defense Organization". His services in this institution earned him a lot of respect. This organization provided protection to the laborers who took part in the procession on the streets of London. In the year 1893, Annie Besant took part in the Council of All Religions of Chicago. In the year 898, he established the Central Hindu School in Benares. On 16 November 1893, she came to India with a grand program and made the cultural city of Kashi (Benaras) her center. She was the secretary of England's most powerful "women's trade union". Charles was a prominent member of the National Secular Society along with Breedloff and the South Place Ethical Society. After Allcott's death in 1907, Annie Besant became the president of the "Theosophical Society". In July 1921, he was made the President of the First Theosophical World Congress held in Paris. When the World War of 1914 ended, he established the Home Rule Campaign in India.

Announcing in 1889, he declared himself a "Theosophist" and announced to devote the rest of his life to the service of India. He created an institution called "Brothers of Service" to remove social evils like child marriage, caste system, widow marriage, etc. Annie Besant, being a British citizen, was jailed on charges of treason. She disagreed with Gandhiji's views about freedom. He met the then King "Maharaja Prabhu Narayan Singh" of Kashi and obtained land near the "Kashi Naresh Sabha Bhawan" located at Kamchatka and established "Central Hindu College" on 7 July 1898. He was also made the President of the Indian National Congress in the year 1917.

Dr. Annie Besant laid the foundation of "Indian Bharat Scout" in the year 1918. After which he was conferred with the title of 'Doctor of Letters' by the Banaras Hindu University on 14 December 1921. On 1 October 2015, the search engine Google recalled Annie Besant with a doodle on her 168th birth anniversary. Google commented: "Annie Besant, an avid advocate of Indian self-government, loved the language, and her vigorous study throughout her life cultivated tremendous abilities as an author and moderator. She published Mountains of Essays, a textbook Wrote, including works of classic literature. For young adults and eventually became editor of the New India newspaper, from time to time devoted to Indian autonomy ".

Annie Besant FAQs:

Annie Besant is to be known as the First Woman President of Indian National Congress in 1917.

Annie Besant died on 20 September 1933.

Annie Besant father name was William wood.

Annie Besant mother name was Emily morris.

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