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Durga Benerjee Quick General Knowledge

NameDurga Benerjee (Durga Benerjee)
Date of Birth January 1898
Date of death 1952
Achievement1956 - First Indian Airlines Pilot
Profession / CountryFemale / Jurist / India

Durga Benerjee - First Indian Airlines Pilot (1956)

Durga Banerjee has been the first woman (in 1956) pilot of Indian Airlines and India's first commercial pilot. As a child, Banerjee was interested in ships and flying and wanted to sail on her own in the future. She was the first woman of her time, who entered the region contrary to the common tradition.

Durga Banerjee was born in Midnapore (India) in January 1889.
She died in 1952.
She attended Midnapore College and Scottish Church College. She later studied criminal law at the University of Calcutta. She married Triguna Debi in April 1913.
She started as a criminal lawyer. Banerjee started her first flight in 1959 as an air survey pilot of Kalinga Airlines. She joined the office of Indian Airlines in Kolkata in 1966 and retired in 1988. Banerjee was appointed as commander in the F27 Turbo Prop Aircraft. She has also run Airbase 300. It is believed that she was doubtful when she first met Union Aviation Minister Humayun Kabir and asked for the permission of a business pilot.

Durga Benerjee FAQs:

Durga Benerjee is to be known as the First Indian Airlines Pilot in 1956.

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