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Surekha Yadav Quick General Knowledge

NameSurekha Yadav (Surekha Yadav)
Date of Birth02 September 1985
Birth PlaceSatara, Maharashtra, (India)
Monther & Father NameRamchandra Bhosle / Sona Bai
Achievement1988 - First Indian female railway driver
Profession / CountryFemale / Train driver / India

Surekha Yadav - First Indian female railway driver (1988)

Surekha Yadav is a woman locoplot (train driver) of Indian Railways in India. She became India's first female train driver in 1988. He ran the first "Ladies Special" local train for the Central Railway.

Surekha Yadav was born on 02 September 1985 in Satara, Maharashtra (India). Her father's name was Sonabai and mother's name was Ramchandra Bhosle. His father was a farmer who worked in the fields and his mother was a homemaker at home. She was the eldest of her parents' five children.
His early education took place at Sant Paul Convent High School, Satara. After completion of schooling, he took admission for vocational training and then studied for a diploma in Electrical Engineering from Government Polytechnic at Karad in Satara district, Western Maharashtra. She wanted to continue college to obtain a Bachelor of Science (B). To become a teacher in Mathematics and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), but a job opportunity in the Indian Railways put an end to his further studies.

Surekha Yadav was interviewed in 1987 by Railway Recruitment Board, Mumbai. She was selected and joined Kalyan Training School in 1986 as a trainee assistant driver in Central Railway where she trained for six months. She became a regular assistant driver in 1989. The first local train he ran is counted as L-50, which runs between Wadi Bandar and Kalyan. And then he was entrusted with the task of commissioning all parts of the train's engine, then he was assigned to work as a freight train driver in l996.

In 1998, she became a full freight train driver. In 2010, she became a ghat driver on the Western Ghats railway line. In order to run the "Ghat Loco" in the Ghat (hill) section of the Western Ghats, he underwent special training to run twin passenger trains negotiating the hills of Western Maharashtra. She said that "because I was the only woman, they were curious whether I could do it". As an assistant driver, he pushed aside. She was promoted as a motor-woman in 2000. In this capacity, the cabin occupied by his motorman on the train attracted attention and was a fan of his autograph seeking. In May 2011, he was promoted as an express mail driver. She is currently teaching as a Senior Instructor at the Driver Training Center (DTC) Kalyan.

Surekha Yadav received the Jijau Award (1998), Ladies Award (2001) (by lions), Sahyadri Hirakani Award (2004), Prerna Award (2005), GMward (2011), Woman Achievers Award (2011) RWCC Best Female Award of the year 2013, by Central Railway. On April 5, 2013, for the first female Lokopilot in the Indian Railways, in April 2011, it has been awarded the GM Award for the first female Lokopilot in the Indian Railways.

Surekha Yadav FAQs:

Surekha Yadav is to be known as the First Indian female railway driver in 1988.

Surekha Yadav father name was Sona Bai.

Surekha Yadav mother name was Ramchandra Bhosle.

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