Jayaprakash Narayan Biography and Interesting Facts

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Through this post, we will know important and interesting facts related to Jayaprakash Narayan (जयप्रकाश नारायण) such as his personal information, education and career, achievement and awards and other information. Important facts related to Jayaprakash Narayan given here, have been collected from various sources, this will help you in preparing for competitive exams questions.

Brief information about Jayaprakash Narayan

NameJayaprakash Narayan (जयप्रकाश नारायण)
Date of Birth11 October 1902
Birth PlaceBengal Presidency
Death Aniversary08 October 1979
Mother & Father NamePhool Rani Devi / Harsu Dayal
Achievement1948 - Founder of All India Congress Socialist
Profession / Countrymale / Freedom Fighter / India

Jayaprakash Narayan (जयप्रकाश नारायण)

Jayaprakash Narayan was an Indian freedom fighter and politician. Varadaputra Jayaprakash Narayan of the motherland has done commendable service to our country. Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan was an icon of sacrifice and sacrifice. He is known for leading the opposition against Indira Gandhi in the year 1970.

Birth info about Jayaprakash Narayan

Jayaprakash Narayan was born on 11 October 1902 in Sitab Diara, Ballia (Uttar Pradesh) India. His parents were Phoolrani Devi and Devaki Babu. His father Harsu Dayal was a junior officer in the canal department of the state government, he was the fourth child of his parents.

Death info about Jayaprakash Narayan

Jayaprakash Narayan died on 8 October 1979 (age 76) in Patna, Bihar, India, three days before his birthday due to diabetes and heart ailments.

Education info of Jayaprakash Narayan

Jayaprakash Narayan participated in the freedom struggle during his student life in Patna. And left Bihar National College with just 20 days left for his exams. And he joined Bihar Vidyapeeth, a college founded by Rajendra Prasad and became one of the first students of Gandhian grace, Narayana Sinha. After finishing the courses at Vidyapeeth, Jayaprakash decided to continue studying in the United States. At the age of 20, Jayaprakash boarded the cargo ship Janus, while his wife Prabhati stayed at the Sabarmati Ashram. Jayaprakash arrived in California on 8 October 1922 and enlisted in Berkeley in January 1923. To pay the fees for his education, Jayaprakash worked in a canning factory to pack fruits., Washed utensils, worked as a mechanic in a garage. In a slaughterhouse, lotion was sold. All these jobs made Jayaprakash realize the difficulties of the working class.

Jayaprakash Narayan Career Info

He was a social worker, due to which he is also known as "Loknayak". Jayaprakash joined the Congress party on his return to India in 1929. In the year 1943, both Jayaprakash and Ram Manohar Lohia were arrested. In 1948, he led the Socialist Party of the Congress and later formed the Samajwadi Socialist Party in association with the Gandhian Party. On April 19, 1954 in Gaya, Bihar, he announced to dedicate his life to Vinoba Bhave's Sarvodaya movement. In 1957, he decided to leave politics in favor of Lokniti. In 1953, he played an active role in the merger of Krishak Mazdoor Praja Parties. Jayaprakash Narayan gave the famous slogan of "Total revolution". He was reactivated in politics in the late 1960s. In 1974, in the Bihar movement of farmers, he demanded the resignation of the then state government. He was against the administrative policies of Indira Gandhi. Despite his declining health, he launched a movement against government corruption in Bihar. Under his leadership, the People's Front won the Gujarat state election.

Jayaprakash Narayan Awards and Honors

In 1998, Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna of the country's highest honor for his significant contribution to India's freedom struggle. In addition, he was awarded the Magsaysay Award in 1965 for social service. Patna's airport is named after him. He is also named after the Delhi Government's largest hospital, Loknayak Jayaprakash Hospital.

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