History of Mahmud Ghaznavi:

Mahmud Ghaznavi was the son of the Turkic chieftain of the Yemeni dynasty, Subuktagin, the ruler of Ghazni. His birth no. Born in 1028 V. (AD 971), at the age of 27 in No. In 1055 (AD 998), he became the head of government. Mahmud had been hearing about the immense prosperity and wealth of India since childhood. His father had once plundered the kingdom of the Hindu royal king Jaipal and got rich wealth, Mahmud dreamed of getting rich by plundering the wealth of India.

He attacked India 17 times and looted the immense wealth here and took it to Ghazni. Indian historians influenced by the British have always glorified foreign invaders. But the temple was looted, this series of attacks started from 1001 AD. The pages of the then historical texts are filled with the dark exploits of his invasion and plunder.

List of 17 attacks on India by Mahmud Ghaznavi:

Attack territory Attack year Ruler of the invaded territory
On the border areas of Punjab 1000 AD Hindushahi Raja Jaipal
Peshawar 1001 AD Hindushahi Raja Jaipal
Bathinda 1005 AD Vijayarai
Multan 1006 AD Dawood Karmakshi
Multan 1007-1008 AD Sukhpal
Vahid (Peshawar) 1008-1009 AD Anandapala of Hindushahi king
Narayanpur (Alwar) 1009 AD local unknown ruler
Multan 1010 AD Sukhpal
Thaneshwar 1013-1014 AD King Rama
Nandan 1014 AD Trilochanpal
Kashmir 1015-1016 AD Battle blacksmith
Mathura and Kannauj 1018 - 1019 AD Pratihar Governor
Kalinjar 1019 AD Gand Chandel and Trilochanpal
Kashmir 1021 AD Female governess
Gwalior and Kalinjar 1022 AD Gand Chandel
At the temple of Somnath 1025-1026 AD Bhimdev
On the Jats of Sindh 1027 AD -

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